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Inner Diameter Measurement Gauges for special holes

The development of two Gauges is based on the orders of our Chinese partner.

These projects continue our work in solving widespread ID measurement challenges.

The 1st gauge is RF096-15/40-50/70

Stepped Hole ID Measurement System

This item is intended for stepped hole measurement. It consists of two stages measuring head with three laser sensors inside. One sensor measures 15…40 mm diameters with accuracy of ± 20 um and two others measure 50…70 mm diameters with final accuracy of ± 5 um.

The Manual is available on our website.


The 2nd gauge is RF096-170x110

Rectangular Inner Profile Measurement System

The gauge is intended for measurement of a rectangular hole with two convex surfaces. It consists of a measuring head with three laser sensors inside. Measurement head configuration and hole shape are shown in the picture below. Two laser sensors are installed with radial shift and angles to compensate measurement error caused by non-perpendicularity of laser beams and controlled surface. The measurement accuracy of the gauge is ± 20 um.

RF096-170x110 Measurement Head and Measured Profile

The Manual is available on our website.

RIFTEK provides demo software and free SDK for all ID measurement gauges.


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