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Laser Triangulation Probes, RF609 and RF609Rt Series

The sensors are designed especially for inspection of small diameter holes. For measurement, the laser probe is inserted into the controlled hole. The probe or the part is driven in rotation. A triangulation laser sensor, which is built into the probe, measures the distance to the hole surface synchronously with the angle of rotation. The resulting set of polar coordinates is used to calculate the geometric parameters of the hole. Moving the probe along the hole allows to get the geometric parameters of the hole in different sections and to build a 3D model of the inner surface.

Sensors specification

The distinctive feature of the sensors is a combination of ultra-compact design, high sampling rate and linearity.
We think, RF609-9/19 probe is a world smallest triangulation sensor with in-built controller and it can be used not only for ID measurement, but also in different measurement tasks.
Probes with index Rt contains slip ring, which makes it possible to connect to a rotating laser sensor, and a shunt for probe placement on CNC machine. 

We already successfully use all these device in our measurement systems, which you can find on our site.

Detailed Manual is available here.

As always we shall be happy to get your feedback and suggestions concerning these new product and other ones.

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