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Absolute Linear Encoders

Laser Triangulation Sensors

Optical Micrometers

2D Laser Scanners

Riftek Lamia - Seam Tracking and Measurement Software

Speed and Length Sensors

3D Laser Scanning Systems

3D Laser Scanning Kit "Shtrikh-2"

3D Laser Sorting Machine

3D Laser Measurement Machine

3D Laser system for large diameter pipes measurement

Measurement Instruments for Railway Transport

Wheel diameter measuring gauge

Railway wheel profile gauge

Back-to-back distance measuring gauge

Disc brakes profile gauge

Rail profile measurement gauge

Automated systems for wheelsets geometry control

Laser systems for power rail position dynamic control

Real time wheels geometry measurement system

Laser systems for power rail position dynamic control

Equivalent conicity calculation program

Special Measurement Instruments

Online systems for control and regulation of diameter

Automated system for motor shafts measurement

Automated system for tapes geometry measurement

Edge Sensor

Laminated Tubes Geometry Measurement System

Laser Debris Inspection System

Laser Systems for Inner Diameter Measurement

Working principle

Multisensor Inner Diameter Measurement System

Pipe Inner Diameter Measurement Machine

Leaf Spring Hole Inner Diameter Measurement Machine

Wheel Center Bore Inner Diameter Measuring Gauge

Stepped Hole Inner Diameter Measurement System

Video processing FPGA IP Cores

Video Tracker HTD-10


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