2011 News

Software IP cores are designed for analytical processing of video information from one or several sources and serve as modules to be included in the FPGA project.

VIDEO_TRACKER software library implements the algorithm of automatic tracking of objects in video and calculation of their parameters for solving problems of guidance and targeting.

Video Tracker HTD-10 is an electronic module intended for automatic tracking of any type of objects selected by an operator in the video. HTD-10 is designed as an automatic tracking device to be used in intelligent security and surveillance...

Together with the MARVIE company, RIFTEK has just introduced a measuring machine designed for control of geometric parameters of large diameter pipes.

RIFTEK has introduced a new Absolute Linear Encoders of RF25X Series. Operation of the sensors is based on the principle of photoelectric scanning of a special scale connected with a measurement tip of the sensor.

RIFTEK has just introduced a new model of laser scanner. A distinctive feature of the scanner is its very small dimensions (80x40 mm) and zero base distance which makes it possible to perform contactless inspection of profile of screws and surface...

New Laser line scanner from RIFTEK uses the triangulation measurement principle and is intended for high-speed acquisition of profiles of rails. A specific feature of the scanner is the use of a high-power (more than 1 W) IR laser, which allows...

RIFTEK has just introduced a new model of line laser scanner. The scanner is intended for sensing of profile of fast moving large-size objects in particular for monitoring of volume of rock transported on a conveyor.

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