Video Tracker HTD-10

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Video tracker HTD-10:
  • automatic video tracking of all object types
  • high precision and stable automatic video tracking

Video Tracker HTD-10 is an electronic module intended for automatic tracking of any type of objects selected by an operator in the video. HTD-10 is designed as an automatic tracking device to be used in intelligent security and surveillance systems. HTD-10 can be connected to 2 video sources of PAL standard through a coaxial cable. HTD-10 allows to track up to 5 objects independently. HTD-10 performs stable tracking of small-sized and low contrast objects. HTD-10 has small size and weight.

To demonstrate the quality of our algorithms we suggest free downloading of a demonstration program


Video Tracker HTD-10  

Parameter Value
Size of tracking strobe: from 16x16 to 128х128 pixels
Size of tracking object:
from 8x8 to 128х128 pixel
Frame rate, Hz: up to 30
Laser sensors quantity 
5 independent channels
Video Tracker HTD-10 performs automatic tracking of objects using IP-core T-COR-11. The quality of the tracking algorithm can be evaluated in the video:
Detailed Manual is available here.
See detailed specifications here.

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