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  • tracking of all types of objects
  • high operation speed
  • compatibility with all the systems and processors
  • developed in C with no additional dependencies
VIDEO_TRACKER software library implements the algorithm of automatic tracking of objects in video and calculation of their parameters for solving problems of guidance and targeting. The software library is a collection of source files to be included in projects written in C and C++. The software library provides five independent tracking channels. The capacity of the software library makes it possible to build tracking systems based on a great number of types of processor modules.

The use of the VIDEO_TRACKER library will allow you to create your own effective machine vision systems for solving problems in fire control, weapons guidance and perimeter control with a significant reduction of the development time. The software library can be used in smart sights, portable and stationary target acquisition systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, weapon stations, fire control systems, anti-aircraft complexes and homing heads.

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