NEW! Laser Inspection System

Today we are introducing a new system:

Laser Inspection System, RF096-Insp Series

This System was developed for one of the major manufacturers of automotive parts, in particular, brakes systems.

Current Problem and Assigned Task
There is a possibility of large chips' jamming during the turning of internal grooves of brake cylinders. The subsequent operation of the cylinder washing allows removing only small chips, while larger jammed chips are left in the groove, which further leads to a defect of a final product.
The task was to develop and to produce an Inspection system, placed on the robot for chips (debris) detection in the grooves of brake cylinders.
Groove diameter range - 39.5…52.7 mm, groove depth – up to 4 mm and groove width – from 2 mm. Chips dimension: thickness – 0,05…1 mm and size  - in the range of 2x2 mm and more .

Customer's attempt to solve the problem with the use of machine vision systems was unsuccessful.

Proposed Solution and the Result
An Inspection system based on a triangulation sensor was proposed to be developed.
While looking for the solution we have to consider the next conditions:
1) A sufficiently small cylinder diameter, from 33 mm to be exact;
2) A sensor has to look into narrow and deep groove, so it is impossible to use a classical sensor placement for diameter control (triangulation plane usually has to lay along the hole axis).
The result of our work is shown in the demo video
The main part of the developed Inspection System is our new & very compact Binocular triangulation sensor (its diameter is 28 mm) with a thin laser beam. Such a sensor allowed us to place triangulation plane in the plane of a groove, to look into the groove and to inspect debris from two sides. The inspection cycle is fully automated and operation of the system is reduced to the work with two logical signals (input – "Start of inspection" and output - "OK/Defect").

The main features of the system:

Inspected grooves diameter range, mm 35...53
Minimal size of detected debris, mm
0,03 (thickness) x 0,1 x 0,1
Space resolution (points/turnover)
Inspection time, s

The system can be used not only for the debris detection but also for ID measurement, grooves sealing and etc.

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