Leaf Spring Inner Diameter Measurement Machine

Leaf Spring Inner Diameter Measurement Machine,

The machine was developed on the order of one of lead designers and manufacturers of suspension and brake components for the global automotive industry.

Assigned Task
The task was to develop and produce precision Measurement Machine for contactless measurement of geometry parameters of leaf spring hole.

Proposed Solution
Measurement machine based on rotational triangulation sensor was proposed to be developed.

The result of our work can be seen in the demo video below and by downloading Leaf Spring Inner Diameter Measurement Machine manual.

Name of parameter
Measured diameter range, mm
ID measurement accuracy, um
Depth of measurement, mm
Linear translation accuracy, um  ±20
Quantity of measured sections not limited, programmable

Note: machine parameters can be changed for a specific task.

This machine is a continuation of our previous projects on ID measurement. We have significantly improved the software. Now we calculate not only average ID, but hole min and max ID, roundness, conicity and cylindricity. User can view 3D model of the hole (Point Cloud or Mesh), can select and view any cross-section shape and geometrical parameters. The program controls angle misalignment of sensor and hole axles and recalculate hole parameters to eliminate possible errors. Several special filters have been added. They decrease noise and increase accuracy of measurement.

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