2D Laser Scanners RF627 Series

Technical information can be found in the Data Sheet.:


Comparing with RF625 model we achieved 2 times better accuracy, 2 times for full range and 4 times for ROI (6800 profiles/s) higher speed and all of this inside a very compact housing.

Besides the mentioned, the distinctive features of the scanners are:

  • new high resolution shock resistant lens,
  • 3 differential inputs for direct synchronization and 1 differential output for synchronization of multiple scanners by default,
  • embedded WEB-interface,
  • new reliable connectors,
  • “Reset” button,
  • LED indication.

User’s Manual и Programmer Guide can be downloaded from our website. Free SDK is provided as well.

The main goal of the project is not just to develop a new scanner instead of outdated RF625 one, but to create a new platform for rapid development and updating of 2D scanners and 3D Snapshot scanners in the near future.

This new platform is a combination of
  • absolutely new electronics based on powerful SoC which integrates the software programmability of an ARM-based processor with the hardware programmability of a FPGA and
  • IP cores for profile extraction advanced algorithms.

Our next plans for the platform are:

Scanner Series (preliminary) Distinctive features Status / Availability (approximately)
RF627 300, 400, 500, 650, 800, 1000 mm ranges In development / December 2018
RF627System Special scanners for 3DWheel system for train speed up to 45 km/hour In production by the order of Turkish railways / December 2018
RF627Weld Scanners (3 models) for welding and weld seam measurement robots with inbuilt air cooling and color video-camera In production by the first orders/ December 2018
3DSeam software Weld seams/weld beds 3D model creation and automatic detection and registration of shape defects In development by the order of Joint Stock Company “Transneft”, b-version tests/ December 2018
RF627Smart Scanner with embedded measurement functions
Scanner with embedded function of 3D models creation and analysis
In development / January 2019
In development / April 2019
RF629Start High speed — 4000 profiles/s (full range),>100000 profiles/s (ROI) In production / February 2019
RF629Smart High speed scanner with embedded measurement functions.
Scanner with embedded function of 3D models creation and analysis
In development / April 2019
In development / May 2019
RF629Road High speed (see above), special design for pavement texture measurement In production / February 2019
RF629Wide High speed, special design with very wide laser line for pavement and tunnels scanning In development / April 2019
RF630 Hand-held scanner with inbuilt display, video camera, encoder and measurement software for weld seams/weld beds measurement In development / April 2019

Thanks to the common platform RF627 scanners can be upgraded to RF627Smart version remotely.

We’d like to note that there is still a possibility to maintain existing RF625-based systems as RF627 scanners support RF625 protocols and can be implemented with the range and inside of the housing of Standard and Special line of RF625 scanners. We do not recommend using RF625 scanners for the new projects but in case any scanner of RF625 Series is needed to be replaced we can do it.

Detailed Manual is available here.

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