Flat Washers (Spacers) Thickness Measurement System

This Machine is developed on the order of one of our Russian customer which is a lead designer and manufacturer of the thermoelectric modules.

Assigned Task
The task was to develop and to produce precision automatic machine for contactless measurement of thickness of spacers used in production of thermoelectric modules.

The result of our work you can see in the demo video and by downloading Spacers Thickness Measurement Machine Manual from our website.

The main features of the Machine are:

Parameter Value
Thickness measurement range, mm 0,6...3,5
Measurement accuracy, μm ±5
Spacers diameter, mm 25,4
Productivity, pcs/hour >1000

Note: machine parameters can be changed for the specific task.

Operation of the machine is based on the principle of laser scanning of the spacer by two laser triangulation point sensor, located on the opposite sides of the spacer. When the spacer is in the measuring zone, it is rotated and translated and, as a result, the thickness is measured in a spiral on the spacer surface, which allows registering the extended surface defects.

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