Shaft Geometry Measurement Machine

The machine is developed at the order of the largest Russian concern and is intended for precise measuring of geometric parameters (diameters, ovality and conicity) of the shaft-type parts.

Machine field of application: large-scale production. Place of installation: production line or laboratory.

The machine contains in-built computer and Two-Axis Optical Micrometer RF656XY-35, placed on linear translation system to take measurements along the whole shaft.

The main features of the Machine are:

Parameter Value
Shaft length, mm 160...750
Shaft diameter, mm 5...30
Measurement accuracy, um ±1
Time of measuring the shaft of the maximum length, s 20
Sorting “OK”-“NOK” Yes
Ability to sort by groups Yes

Note: machine parameters can be changed for the specific task.

Six machines have already been installed in the customer workshops, they are working in 24/7 mode and have contributed to improving the quality of the products.

Detailed Manual is available here.

Demo video is available here.

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