Pavement Surface Control

Today we are going to summarize information about Laser Sensors for Pavement Measurement and to announce new 2D Laser Scanners Series we are going to offer soon.

Laser Sensors for Pavement Profile and Texture (roughness) Measurement

The table below lists our popular specialized laser sensors intended for pavement measurement applications with their specific features and assignment:

Model Specific features Assigment
■ high resistance to solar radiation
■ stable operation on wet surfaces
■ 9400 Hz operating frequency
Pavement profile measurement
RF607-195/500 ■ 70000 Hz operating frequency
■ round laser spot, diameter <1 mm
■ high resistance to solar radiation
Measurement of pavement profile and roughness (texture)
■ 70000 Hz operating frequency
■ round laser spot, diameter <0,8 mm
■ accuracy ±0.03% of the range
■ high resistance to solar radiation
RF603Txt-30/30 ■ reduced triangulation angle
■ round laser spot, diameter <0,06 mm
Pavement roughness (texture) measurement

All the sensors have successfully been used in Pavement inspection equipment for many years, but they were not allocated to separate series and the manual for pavement measurement sensors was not available. Now we eliminate this gap and you can download Laser Sensors for Pavement Measurement Manual from our website.

2D Laser Scanners for Pavement Measurement

We are glad to inform you of our intention to upgrade RF625 Series and to launch several new series of 2D Laser Scanners.

The table below shows our plans in 2D Scanners development:

Scanner Series Distinctive features

1. New common electronic platform for all series.
2. Standard Ethernet/IP protocol.
3. User Web-Interface.
4. New algorithms of high accuracy profile extraction.

RF627 Up to 4000 Hz rate for ROI.

1. High resolution version with 1280x1024, 1000 Hz CMOS sensor.
2. Version with 4000 Hz rate for full scanner range.
3. >40000 Hz rate for ROI.


1. Compact Smart scanners with inbuilt measurement functions (gaps, dimensions, profiles and so on).
2. Very low power consumption and possibility of battery supply.
3. Hand-held versions with graphic display.
4. Smart scanners for welding and measurement robots.

We begin tests of the first RF627-185/210-122/197 model in 2 weeks. This device is designed for wide beam pavement scanning instead of point scanning and has to expand the line of our laser devices intended for this task.

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