EtherNet/IP Association Membership

On October 16, 2019, RIFTEK LLC joined the ODVA association whose members comprise the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial automation equipment using ODVA technologies to transmit data according to EtherNet/IP standards (our member page). The application of these technologies ensures reliable real-time data transmission in accordance with the Industry 4.0 Concept and becomes a key factor in building a modern production infrastructure.

Based on the annual analysis of the industrial network market by HMS Networks (the leading independent supplier of solutions for industrial communication), EtherNet/IP is the most widely used data transfer protocol in the industry and has been ahead of PROFINET since the end of 2018.

Based on the forecasts provided by HMS Networks, the number of new connected nodes using the EtherNet/IP protocol will continue to grow steadily in subsequent years, thereby increasing the gap from other industrial protocols.

Currently, RIFTEK LLC is the first and only company on post-Soviet space that has entered into cooperation with leaders and experts in the field of information and communication technologies and is actively introducing EtherNet/IP into the products being developed. The RF627Smart laser triangulation scanner is one of the first devices developed by RIFTEK LLC that supports EtherNet/IP technology for data transfer.


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