3D Inspection Machine

3D Inspection Machine

These projects continue RIFTEK work in solving widespread 3D measurement challenges and is intended for non-contact measurement of geometric parameters of steel band rims used in the tire industry.


Operation of the machine is based on the scanning of the rims inner surface by rotating 2D laser sensor (special design of RF627 scanner). Measurements are taken on a conveyor. On the command of outer controller laser sensor moves into the control rim. The sensor rotates and scans rim inner surface. Polar coordinates of the surface (distance from the rotation axis, measured by the sensor and a corresponding angle of rotation) are transmitted to the computer for calculating the required geometric parameters.

Main parameters are:

Parameter Value
Measured ID range, mm 100…410
Measured height range, mm
Measurement accuracy, um ±50
Measured parameters
diameter, roundness, chambers width and angle
Interface to PLC

As usual, the parameters of the machine (measurement range, accuracy) can be changed for a specific task.

Detailed Manual is available here.

Demo video is available here.

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