Laser system for hot objects geometry control

The system is designed for operational control of the slab dimensions during its rough rolling.

The main components of the system are:
  • specialized 2D laser scanner RF627Blue-1700/380-164/198;
  • portable controller;
  • battery;
  • Wi-Fi router.

All components are installed on tripod. 2D scanner is mounted with possibility of swinging around of horizontal axis.


How it works: the laser radiation of the scanner (in the form of a line) is projected onto the controlled object. The resulting image of the contour (section profile) of the object is analyzed by the controller that calculates either the diameter of the round object or the width of the rectangular object.

Distinctive feature of the system: to eliminate the measurement error caused by the non-perpendicularity of the laser line with respect to the axis of the object, measurements are made repeatedly when swinging the scanner around the horizontal axis. During the swinging process the scanner captures a number of object profiles, located at different angles to the object axis. The controller analyzes the obtained profiles and selects a profile, which is perpendicular to the axis of the object and characterizes its true size.

Main parameters:
Parameter Value
Measurement range, mm 16 … 170
Accuracy, mm
Nominal distance to the object, mm
Data base of measurement data support
As usual, the parameters of the system can be changed for a specific task.

Detailed Manual is available here.
Demo video (unfortunately, only from our lab) here.

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