Johnson filters inspection machine

Johnson filters also called Wedge Wire Screen or Johnson Screen or Wedge Wire Profile are intended for the construction of high-quality water wells, oil wells, gas wells and other filtration equipment. One of the main parameters characterizing the quality of the filter is the constancy of the interwire gap (slot opening) along its length and this parameter we need to control.

Johnson filters inspection machine

Machine design:
The machine contains a frame, which carries the linear motion system. An industrial camera with LED illumination is installed on the carriage of the linear motion system. In the extreme position of the carriage (outside the controlled filter), the calibration template is installed. The machine is powered and controlled via a central computer using specialized software.

How it works:
The machine is installed along the filter. The industrial camera is placed in such a way that its field of view is located in the diametrical section of the filter. The camera moves along the filter and captures the image of its surface. Before scanning the filter, the system is auto-calibrated by measuring the built-in template. The software analyzes the received images and calculates the dimensions of the gaps. The process is repeated for different positions of the filter as it gradually rotates around the axis.

Main parameters:
(can be changed on request)

Parameter Value
Filter length, m 8
Measured gaps, mm
Measurement accuracy, mm ±0.01
Measurement speed, mm/s 100

Detailed Manual of the system is available here.

Demo video is available here.

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