Laser Seam Tracking System for Welding Automation RF627Smart-Weld

We present a new generation of laser tracking system, which has been developed taking into account the accumulated experience of operating previous systems and the wishes of our customers.


The main element of the system is the RF672Smart laser scanner, the use of which allowed us to create a truly Smart solution for robotic welding.

This is the only system on the market where the Scanner itself generates the welding trajectory, needed to hold the welding torch in the optimum position, and transmits the path coordinates (or speed) to the robot controller.

The distinguishing features of the system are:

  • direct connection of the scanner to the robot controller without an intermediate computing module;
  • control of the movement of the robot and full cycle of welding process;
  • built-in interfaces to popular robots;
  • ready-made file of various types of welding joints;
  • simple and intuitive building a work algorithm inside scanner WEB-interface using a graph of smart blocks;
  • 3D real-time tracking visualization;
  • the set of scanners of various ranges, optimized for work in welding conditions.

Detailed Manual is available here.

Demo video (Laser seam tracking system for welding automation) is available here.
Demo video (Formation of tracking Smart-function) is available here.

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