3DWheel collection

We want to share information about an important event in the life of the company.

3DWheel collection

We are completing the first stage of one of our largest projects, namely the production and delivery of three 3DWheel systems for the Sao Paulo metro. 4.5 tons of cargo are being sent overseas and soon our engineers together with our partners will begin installing systems.

In connection with this event, we have prepared a short video where we show the system design and present a collection of systems. We invite you to view it: https://youtu.be/zUCOhST0Psk.

The main distinctive features of the new 3DWheel we produced are:

  • use of the new generation RF628 scanners, the speed of which (4000Hz) is almost an order of magnitude higher than the RF627 line. It will allow us to control the geometry of the wheels at speeds over 100 km/h;
  • a new installation method without a foundation, on a frame that is attached directly to the rails;
  • we also eliminated some of the shortcomings of previous systems that emerged during their operation.

3DWheel system is very important to us, because it is the largest, complex and expensive investment project of our company, in which almost the entire RIFTEK team takes part and which embodies our latest achievements in laser scanning, electronics, mechanics, programming, mathematics.

And we are grateful to our partners from Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, India, China, Netherland, Brazil for their invaluable support, patience and faith in success, despite many failures which we suffered in the process of work.

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