New communication protocol for the RF62x laser profiles line

We continue to improve our products and do everything possible to make working with complex devices and systems more comfortable for the user. For this purpose, we have developed a special protocol for communicating with RF62x series scanners and called it ProfiTalk.


This proprietary protocol provides the following benefits:

  • simple software implementation that allows you to refuse to use the SDK;
  • fast serialization and deserialization in one pass through the use of the MessagePack binary data format;
  • fast integration and convenient debugging when using serialization and deserialization into the JSON format;
  • abstraction and the ability to control the composition of transmitted data through the use of the DOM representation;
  • client-server architecture with the ability to connect multiple clients to the same scanner data sources (for example, multiple clients can simultaneously receive profiles and/or video frames, request or send scanner parameters).

Detailed information can be found on the page 160 of updated Manual here.

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