2D Optical Micrometers

2D Optical micrometers are designed for non-contact inline two-dimensional batch measurements of linear dimensions, diameters, angles, thread parameters, part shapes, run-out, etc.
Optical micrometers use a “shadow” measurement principle whereby collimated laser light is transmitted towards a receiver.
The edges of the shadow cast by an object in the beam’s path are accurately measured by the detector array inside the receiver unit.

Technical characteristics of optical sensors depending on their model:

RF656.2D -8x10 -25x30 -30x40 -40x50
Measuring range, mm 8x10 25x30 30x40 40x50
Measurement error, µm ±1.5 ±2.5 ±3 ±4.5
Distance along the axis at which
the measurement error is applied, mm
±1 ±3 ±3 ±4
Minimum object size, mm 0.07 0.2 0.25 0.35
Speed, measurements/s up to 130
Overall dimensions, figure 1 2 3 4
Weight, not more, kg 1.1 2.3 2.8 5.6

General technical characteristics of RF656.2D optical sensors:

Basic interface Ethernet / 1000 Mbps
Synchronization inputs 1 channel
Logic outputs 2 channels (1 channel is used as a strobe of active exposure)
Power supply, V 12...24
Power consumption, not more, W 6
Environmental resistance
Environmental resistance IP62
Vibration 20 g / 10…1000 Hz, 6 hours for each of XYZ axes
Shock 30 g / 6 ms
Operating ambient temperature, °С -10…+50
Storage temperature, °С -20…+80
Relative humidity, % 20-80 (no condensation)
Housing/windows material aluminum/glass

Technical characteristics of RF656.2D-SuM controllers:

Controller version HW1 HW2
Speed, measurements/s 30 50
Ethernet 3 x GbE, RJ-45 connectors
COM port 4 x RS-232/422/485, DB-9 connectors.
Changing the interface type can be done in the BIOS.
2 x RS-232, RJ-45 connectors
USB 4 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10 Gb/s)
2 x USB 2.0
6 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10 Gb/s)
Display 1 x HDMI
1 x DisplayPort
Power supply, V 12..24
Power consumption, not more, W 60
Standard AT/ATX, switchable
Environmental resistance
Operating ambient temperature, °С -20…+60
Storage temperature, °С -40…+85
Permissible relative humidity during use, % 10-95 (no condensation)
Permissible relative humidity during storage, % при хранении, % 10-95 (no condensation)
Shock 5G/11ms half-sine shock, 100 shocks for each of XYZ
axes, IEC68-2-27
Vibration MIL-STD-810G 514.6C-1 (SSD)
Weight, kg 2.9
Overall dimensions, mm 81 x 150 x 190


Figure 1. RF656.2D-8x10


Figure 2. RF656.2D-25x30


Figure 3. RF656.2D-30x40


Figure 4. RF656.2D-40x50

Structure and operating principle

The operation of the micrometer is based on the so-called "shadow" principle. The main components of the 2D micrometer are an optical sensor and a controller.
2D Optical Micrometers
The optical sensor of the micrometer consists of two parts - the emitter and the receiver. The light from the LED is collimated by the lens. When a product is placed in the region of a collimated beam, its shadow image is projected by the receiver lens onto the 2D CMOS sensor. According to the location of the shadow border of the image (object profile), the controller calculates the required parameters of the object.
2D Optical Micrometers
Measurements and tolerance control are made according to the algorithm created by the user. To build the measurement algorithm, a simple and visual tool is proposed - the measurement scheme. The scheme is formed from a library of ready-made blocks. Various combinations of blocks and connections between them allow the user to create an almost unlimited number of measuring functions and measure products of varying complexity. Measurement results can be transmitted via various protocols (Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, UDP), as well as to the logical outputs of the micrometer for controlling actuators and signaling the suitability of the product.

2D Optical Micrometers. RF656.2D Series.

2D Optical micrometer. Example of the formation of the measurement algorithm.

Order information for 1D Optical Micrometer RF656.2D


Symbol Description
R Measuring range of the optical sensor. The following options are available (height x width, mm):
. · 8x10,
· 25x30,
· 30x40,
· 40x50.
LP The length of the controller power cable, m.
LS The length of the power and sync cable of the optical sensor, m.
LI The length of the Ethernet cable, m (max. 100).
HW Controller type:
· HW1 - controller with a speed of 30 measurements/s,
· HW2 - controller with a speed of 50 measurements/s.

Example:  RF656.2D-40x50-3-3-10-HW1 - optical sensor with measuring range 40x50 mm, controller power cable length 3 m, optical sensor power cable length 3 m, Ethernet cable length 10 m, controller with a speed of 30 measurements/s.

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