3D Laser scanning kit Shtrikh-2M

The kit is designed for non-contact laser scanning of objects in order to obtain a three-dimensional model and generate files suitable for further use in CNC machines.

The kit includes a laser sensor, a synchronization module and a software package and can be installed on CNC routers, milling and engraving machines with any type of control.

3D Laser scanning kit Shtrikh-2M

Parameter Value
Scanned materials any *
Scan grid, XY arbitrary
Scan field, XY arbitrary
Scan depth, mm 100 or by order **
Average scanning speed, points/s 4500

Acceptable synchronization methods

Sync source Signal level value
Stepper drive direct control signals, X-axis CMOS/TTL
X-axis encoder with pulse output (differential or non-differential) 2,5...30V
X-axis encoder with sinusoidal output (differential or non-differential) 2,5…30V

* When scanning transparent and specular materials, apply a special laser scanning spray to the surface.

** The scan depth is determined by the working range of the laser sensor.

It is possible to equip the 3D Laser scanning kit with a sensor with a different working range (RF603 Series, see www.riftek.com/products/laser_triangulation_sensor/ ).

The laser sensor is installed on the motion system of the machine. In scanningmode, the CNC system moves the sensor line by line ("snake") over the prototype of the product. The sensor measures the distance (Z coordinate) to the product surface. Data readout from the sensor is synchronized with its movement (XY coordinates), and the result is transmitted to the PC via the Ethernet port. Thus, an array of XYZ coordinates of the surface is formed, i.e. a digitized model of the prototype. This model is saved as a point cloud and also in STL format suitable for further use in CNC systems.

Main components:

The principle of operation


1 - Laser sensor (RF603 or RF603В, in the figure - RF603В).
2 - Synchronization unit.
3 - Cable for connecting the laser sensor to the synchronization unit.
4 - Ethernet cables for connecting the laser sensor to the PC (in the version with RF603 - one Ethernet cable).
5 - USB-RS485 cable for connecting the synchronization unit to the PC.
6 - Power cable 220 V.

NOTE: For the version of the kit with a binocular laser sensor (RF603B), a network switch and a patch cable are also supplied.

3D Laser scanning kit Shtrikh-2M. Demo-video.

Order information for 3D Laser scanning kit Shtrikh-2M


Symbol Description
Shtrikh-2M Series name.
D Sensor type: 0 – Standard sensor RF603. 1 – Binocular sensor RF603В.
B Base distance of the laser sensor.
R Working range of the laser sensor.
L1 Length of the cable between the laser sensor and the synchronization unit.
L2 Ethernet cable length.
Example: Shtrikh-2М-1-140/100-5/6 – 3D Laser scanning kit Shtrikh-2M with a binocular sensor RF603В-140/100 (base distance - 140 mm, working range - 100 mm), length of the cable between the laser sensor and the synchronization unit - 5 m, Ethernet cable length - 6 m.

Note: he standard cable length is 5 meters. The length exceeding the standard is charged additionally.

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