3D Laser Scanning System for Hammered Axles shape control

Turn-key solution on the base of rotating point triangulation sensors for contactless measurement of hammered axles, tubes and hollow shafts and similar product.

3D Laser Scanning System for Hammered Axles shape control.

RF096-20/143-63/180-550 Series

Parameter Value
Measurement range, inner diameter, mm 20...143
Measurement error, inner diameter, mm ±0.05
Measurement range, outer diameter, mm 63...180
Measurement error, outer diameter, mm ±0.1
Scan resolution, points/turnover 2048
Scan resolution, points/turnover 0...550 (programmable)
Minimum distance between measured sections, mm 0.5 (programmable)
Linear displacement error, mm ±0.05
Maximum sampling frequency, Hz 9400
Light source red semiconductor laser,
660 nm wavelength
Output power, mW <1
Laser safety class 2 (IEC60825-1)
Interface Ethernet, RS485
Power supply, V 220
Weight, kg 77
Note: System parameters can be changed for a specific task.

Complete set to be supplied

Designation Description Quantity
RF015.00.000 Chassis axle geometry control system 1
RF333.90.009 Ethernet cable EL0401 (RJ45-RJ45) 1
RF058.90.011 RS485 cable EL1001 (DB-9M-DB-9F) 1
RF333.80.012-001 Interface adapter RS485-USB EL0101 1
Power cable 220V 1.8 m (SCZ-1 BM) 1
User's manual 1

The operation of the system is based on the principle of scanning the inner and outer surfaces of the product by rotating triangulation laser sensors.

The system contains a frame (1), on which linear guides (2, 3) with a carriage (4) are installed. The rotation module (5) with rods (6, 7) is placed on the carriage. The rod 6 is placed along the axis of the rotation module, and the rod 7 is placed with a radial shift. The rods carry triangulation laser sensors (8, 9). The system also contains the calibration template (10) placed on the rotary beam (11). The front panel of the system contains: power connector (12), Ethernet connector (13), RS485 connector (14), power button (15). On the opposite panel there is a hole (17) for installing the measured part. System emergency stop button - 16.

Figure 1

The layout of the laser sensors is shown in Figure 2, where 18 is the axis of rotation of the system, the working ranges of the sensors are shown in red. The laser head 8 contains two triangulation laser sensors with a single laser beam, and the working range of this laser head is divided into two subranges - this is done to achieve the required accuracy over a wide measurement range.

Figure 2

The position of the part during scanning is shown in Figure 3, where 19 is the part being measured.

Figure 3

The system operates as follows:
The measured part is installed so that the axis of the part coincides with the axis of rotation of the sensors. At the command of the operator, the laser sensors are rotated and moved in the direction of the part. Sensor 8 measures the distance to the inner surface, and sensor 9 measures the distance to the outer surface of the part synchronously with the angle of rotation.
The range of movement and the step of the measured cross sections are set using the software. The obtained radial coordinates of the surfaces are transferred to a computer for calculating the required geometric parameters.

3D Laser Scanning System for Hammered Axles shape control

Order information for 3D Laser Scanning System for Hammered Axles shape control.


Symbol Description
IDmin/IDmax Measurement range, inner diameter, mm
IDmin/IDmax Measurement range, outer diameter, mm
L Scanning depth, mm

NOTE: The measurement error should be discussed with the manufacturer.

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