3D Laser Sorting Machine

The measuring machine is designed for non-contact measurement of geometrical parameters of objects, specifically sunflower seeds, and is a standalone software/hardware system.

Technical characteristics of the machine can be changed for a specific task.

3D Laser Sorting Machine RF1010SS

Parameter Value
Scanning range Y-axis, mm 400
Scanning range, Z-axis, mm 300
Scanning range Х (start of measurement, Z-axis), mm 130
Scanning range Х (end of mesurement Z-axis), mm 240
Measurement accuracy, X,Z axises, um ±150
Measurement accuracy, Y axis, um ±20
Sampling rate, profiles/s 250
Speed, mm/s 25
Parameters under control length, width, height
Dimension, mm 730х415х180
Weight, kg 40
Power supply alternating-current mains with sampling rate (50 ± 1) Hz,
nominal power 220 with allowable stress ±10 %.
Power consumption, W 50  
Environment conditions Environment temperature: +1..+350С Relative humidity 25- 65%  

The work of the machine is based on the principle of 3D laser scanning of object/objects with subsequent construction of a 3D computer model and determination of geometrical parameters from the model.

The machine structural design is illustrated in the picture below.

The machine consists of a table 1 whereon a frame structure 2 is located with a guide 3. Installed on the guide 3 there is a carriage 4 with a laser scanner 5. The car-riage 4 is driven by a stepper motor 6 by means of a ball screws assembly (not shown). In the extreme positions of the carriage 4 there are limit switches (not shown). An indicating unit 7 is mounted on the frame structure 2. On the side plate of the machine there is a power connector 8 (220V) and two network jacks 9 for Ethernet connection. Connection of the machine to PC 10 is via the network switch 11.

Principle of operation

Laser radiation 12 of a scanner 5 is formed into a line 13 and is projected onto the table 1 where objects to be controlled are located. The laser line length corresponds to the table width. The resulting images of the contour (section profile) of the objects located on the table are analyzed by the scanner signal processor which calculates the distance to the object (Z coordinate of points) for each of a plurality of points along the laser line on the object (X coordinate of points).

The machine works as follows.

The laser scanner mounted on the carriage moves along the table 1, the direction of the movement being the coordinate Y. The laser scanner determines the coordinates of the object profile points (X, Z) at fixed regular linear intervals along the Y coordinate defined by the stepper motor drive. As a result, a 3D computer model of the scanned area is obtained in the form of a cloud of points with known coordinates (X, Y, Z). The required geometrical parameters of the object are calculated from the resulting 3D model.

3D Laser Sorting Machine RF1010SS

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