Android Mobile Application for Wheelsets parameters measurement

Android App is designed for working with hand-held devices for wheelsets parameters measurement. By installing the program on your phone or tablet, you can work with IKP-5, IDK and IMR and refuse to use the PDA or can use both PDA and phone.

All the features of the software for PDA are kept and added some new ones, namely:

  • send measurements results by email;
  • Wi-Fi connection with PC instead of cable;
  • calibration of IKP directly from phone.

All you need to get started is to download ikp.apk file from our website, to get license and to install the program on your phone, following the instructions in the manual.

One license is valid for one set of devices: IKP, IDK and IMR. Quantity of licenses for one phone (quantity of devices for working with one phone) and quantity of phones for one license are not limited.


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