Automated system for tapes geometry measurement

The system is designed to control the geometrical parameters (width and thickness) and the temperature of the tapes, in particular, packing straps during the manufacturing process.

The system is applied in the mass production. Production line is the place of installation.

Technical characteristics of the system can be changed for a specific task.

Automated system for tapes geometry measurement RF089

Parameter  Value
Model of micrometer RF651-25
Model of PDA RF307
Model of temperature sensor OMEGA OS-136-1-MA
Number of tapes controlled simultaneously  6
Number of temperature control points 3
Measurement range for the tape thickness, mm 0,02…20
Accuracy of the thickness measurement, um  ±5
Measurement range for the tape width, mm  ±0,2…20
Accuracy of the width measurement, um  ±10
Max measurement speed, measurement/s 2000
Power supply three-phase AC network with frequency
(50 ± 1) Hz, rated voltage 220/380V with
a tolerance of ±10% voltage 
Power consumption, W  4
Operation conditions Temperature, °С: +1..+350С Rel. humidity at 250°С 65
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