Online Systems for Control and Regulation of Diameter

The systems are intended for in-process non-contact measurement, control and regulation of diameter of various objects (wire, hoses, tubes, rods, sausage casings, etc.)

Laser System for Power Rail Position Dynamic Control, specification

Name of parameter Value
Measurement range, mm 200
Accuracy, mm ±0.2
Sampling rate, measurement/s 8000
Laser sensors quantity 2
Encosure rating IP67
Working temperature, °С -35...+60
Weight, kg 2,5
Size, mm 250x200x165

SKD-KO, specification

Parameter Value
Control ranges without micrometers, mm 50
Measurement range, mm 25
Distance between receiver and emitter, mm, L 300
Accuracy, um ±50
Measuring rate, Hz 1000
Laser safety Class 1, wavelenght 660 nm
Output interface RS485
Logic output Two outputs, NPN: 100 mA max; 40 B max
Power supply, V 220
Power consumption, W 1.5
Enclosure rating IP67
Operation temperature, °С


SKD-KB, specification

Parameter Value
Number of axes under control 4
Measurement range, mm 20...60
Distance between receiver and emitter, mm, L 280
Accuracy, um ±20
Measuring rate, Hz 100
Light source res semiconductor laser
Laser safety Class 1 (IEC60825-1)
Output interface RS485 (maks. 115200 bit/s)
Power supply, V 12
Power consumption, W 10
Environment resistance
Enclosure rating IP67
Vibration 20g/10...1000Hz, 6 hours for each of XYZ axes
Shock 30g/6 ms
Operation temperature, °С


Storage temperature 7000
Relative humidity 35-85%
Housing material Aluminum
Size, mm 500x500x82
Weight (without cable), kg 16

The systems are built on the base of RF65x Series Optical Micrometers.

SKD-MHs system for control and regulation of diameter of medical tubes

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