Edge Sensor

The sensors are intended for non-contact measuring and monitoring the position of the edge (edges) of various objects, such as tapes, plates, substrates, etc.

Measuring Head

Type RF659
Distance between transmitter and receiver, mm 30
Measurement range, mm 7
Accuracy, um ±20
Repeatability, um 1
Temperature dependence 0.1% range/С°
Light source LED
Power supply, V 5
Power consumption, W (transmitter/receiver) 0.5
Environment resistance
Enclosure rating IP40
Vibration 20g/10…1000Hz, 6 hours, for each of XYZ axes
Shock 30g/6 ms
Operation temperature, °С


Relative humidity, % 5-95
Housing/window material aluminum / glass 
Weight with cable (cable length of 300 mm), gram 30 – transmitter, 30 – receiver
Overall and mounting dimensions see the figure



Type RF301D
Number of connected heads ("transmitter" - "receiver" pairs) 2
Cycle of result updating, Hz 1500
Digital indication two five-digit displays
Resolution of digital indication, µm 1, 10
Digital output RS485*
Analog outputs two isolated channels, ±5V (±10), load >10 kOhm
Resolution of analog outputs, µm 2
Logic outputs eight isolated channels of npn - open collector
Power supply, V 24
Power consumption, W 1.5
Housing material aluminum
Weight, g 200
Overall and mounting dimensions see the figure  


* - RS485 is used to diagnose and configure the controller and measuring heads, as well as to update the software

The sensor operation is based on the so-called ‘shadow’ principle. The sensor consists of controller and measuring head which consists of two modules — transmitter and receiver.

Transmitter module consists of LED 1 and lens 2. Receiver module includes a photo-detector array 3.

Radiation of the LED 1 is collimated by the lens 2 and directed to the photo-detector array 3. With an object placed in the collimated beam region, shadow image formed is scanned with the photo-detector array 3. Controller calculates the position of the edge of the object.

RF 659 Operation
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