Laser Seam Tracking System for Welding Automation RF627Smart-Weld

The Seam Tracking System is designed to be used in robotic welding systems and is intended to automatically control the position of the welding torch during the welding process.


Laser Seam Tracking System for Welding Automation RF627Smart-Weld.


Sampling rate, accuracy, resolution
Nominal sampling rate (full working range) 484 profiles/s (standard mode),
938 profiles/s (DS mode)
Maximum sampling rate (ROI mode) 4884 profiles/s,
6379 profiles/s (DS mode)
Linearity (measurement error), Z axis ±0.05% of the range (standard mode),
±0.1% of the range (DS mode)
Linearity (measurement error), X axis ±0.2% of the range
Resolution, Z axis 0.01% of the range (standard mode)
0.02% of the range (DS mode)
Resolution, X axis 648 or 1296 points (programmable value)
660 nm or 450 nm
Class 2M according to IEC/EN 60825-1:2014
Basic Ethernet / 1000 Mbps
Synchronization input RS422, 3 channels
Power supply 9...30 V or 12...36 V for scanners with Blue laser
Power consumption, not more 6 W (without a built-in heater)
Environmental resistance
Enclosure rating IP67
Vibration 20 g / 10...1000 Hz, 6 hours for each of XYZ axes
Shock 30 g / 6 ms
Operating ambient temperature -20...+40 or
-20...+80 for scanners with built-in air cooling system
-20...+150 for scanners with built-in water cooling system
Storage temperature °С -20...+70
Relative humidity 5-95% (no condensation)
Housing/windows material aluminum/glass
Replaceable protective windows glass

Working ranges and overall dimensions:

Range MR, mm SMR, mm Хsmr, mm Xemr, mm Dimensions, figure Weight, kg Option: air or water cooling, drawing, figure Option: shutter, figure
65/25-20/22 25 65 20 22 1 0.7 2 3
70/50-30/41 50 70 30 41 1 0.7 2 3
76/100-48/82 100 76 48 82 1 0.7 2 3
70/130-40/86 130 70 40 86 4 0.7 4 4
250/130-52/76 130 250 52 76 5 0.9 5 5
82/200-60/150 200 82 60 150 1 0.7 2 3
90/250-65/180 250 90 65 180 1 0.7 2 3

Detailed CAD documentation (2D and 3D) is available on request at

Overall and mounting dimensions of laser scanners:

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

Rugged industrial tablet

The tablet is intended for the initial setup of the system by an engineer and subsequent control of the system operation by the adjuster and the operator of the welding robot.
The pre-installed software is designed to display the graphical interface and manage its settings, taking into account access control (engineer/adjuster/operator).
Since the tablet is for display, configuration and diagnostic purposes only (does not perform any calculations), the user may use other technical means (other types of tablets, personal or industrial computers). In the case of using other technical means, it is necessary to follow the instructions given in the documentation for the RF627Smart scanner.

Figure 6

Technical characteristics:
Parameter Value
Architecture CPU Intel cherry trail Z8350, 1.44Ghz-1.92GHz
OS Windows 10 pro
Display Size 10,1"
Resolution 1920x1200
Touch type Capacitive
Interfaces Type-A USB2.0 x1
Type-А USB.0 x1
MicroUSB x1
RJ45 Ethernet 10/100/1000M x1
DB9 RS232 9-pin serial port x1
DC power interface DC 12V 2A x1
Enclosure rating Degree of protection Waterproof IP65, but in fact is IP67 design. Drop 1.2m, 6 sides
Certification standards Military 810G. EU CE, US FCC
Operating Temperature -20°С...60°С
Built-in battery Battery type Built-in removable Li-ion Polymer Battery
Rated capacity 10500 mAh
Dimensions 275х180x20 mm
Industrial Ethernet switch

The switch is designed to provide network interaction between the tablet and the 2D scanner, as well as to exchange data with the robot controller.
It is allowed to use a standard network switch included in the welding kit (for example, between the robot and the controller). In this case, make sure the network settings are correct.

Figure 7

Parameter Value
Network ports 5-RJ45-10/100/Mbps
Power supply 10...60V - 1.1W - 0.045А
Operating conditions Temperature: -10...60°С
Air humidity: 5...95%
Enclosure rating IP40
Dimensions see Figure 7
Protection unit

This unit provides power protection for the 2D laser scanner and includes a quick-change fuse.

  • The laser scanner is mounted on the robot flange next to the welding torch in such a way that during the welding process and movement along the welding groove, the scanner is ahead of the welding tool.
  • The scanner is calibrated to obtain the coordinate transformation matrix. The calibration procedure is described in the User's Manual for RF627Smart.
  • Using the web interface of the scanner, a computation graph is formed from the library of smart blocks, taking into account the specifics of the equipment, namely the robot type, communication protocol, groove type, geometric parameters of groove templates used to control the position and constraints applied to them, etc. If the supplied file does not contain the required groove template, the user can create a new template himself or with the support of the manufacturer using the provided template editor (see User's Manual for RF627Smart).
  • The script for controlling the groove tracking block and the welding robot is being configured. The control script provides cyclic execution of the main stages of welding: placing the welding tool in the starting position, moving the tool in the direction of the beginning of the groove (search for the entry point into the groove), bringing the tool to the beginning of the groove and generating signals to external systems (welding controller) about the need for ignition and other actions, stopping the robot movement, transferring the coordinates to the robot for the movement of the tool along the welding groove, bringing the tool to the end of the groove and generating signals to external systems (welding controller) about the need to reduce the current or extinguish the arc (and other actions), bringing the tool to its original position.
  • During operation, each profile received by the scanner is processed in accordance with the algorithm specified by the graph, and the following steps are performed: detecting the welding groove template in order to determine the exact coordinates in the scanner coordinate system (2D), transforming the coordinates from the scanner coordinate system to the robot coordinate system (3D), forming the trajectory of the tool in the robot coordinate system, transferring the coordinates to the robot for movement to the next position of the trajectory.

Laser seam tracking system for welding automation. RF627Smart-Weld.

RF627Smart-Weld. Formation of tracking Smart-function.

Welding of swing-motion truck frame

RF625 Laser Scanner together with Riftek Lamia Software are used to control the robot in real time.

Robots for dump truck bed side welding

RF625 Laser Scanner together with Riftek Lamia Software are used to control the robot in real time.

Robot for Disk Welding

RF625 Laser Scanner together with Riftek Lamia Software are used to control the robot in real time.

Robotic Gas Cutting of Large Diameter Pipes

СRemovable RF625 scanner and Riftek Lamia are used for hole measuring in process of pipe gas-cutting.

Robotic bucket welding

RF625 Laser Scanner together with Riftek Lamia Software are used to control the robot in real time.

Robot for steel roll marking

RF625 Laser Scanner together with Riftek Lamia Software are used to determine the diameter and shape of the roll before marking.

Robot for locomotive bogie frame welding

RF625 Laser Scanner together with Riftek Lamia Software are used to determine the coordinates of the weld.

Example of item designation when ordering

RF627Smart-Weld.(WAVE)-SMR/MR-Xsmr/Xemr-L1-L2-L5-L6(R)-PS-PB-Shutter- AC(WC)

Symbol/strong> Description
(WAVE) Laser wavelength: 660 nm – no symbol, 450 nm – BLUE.
SMR Beginning of the measuring range for Z, mm.
MR Measuring range for Z, mm.
Xsmr Measuring range for X-coordinate at the beginning of the measuring range for Z- coordinate, mm.
Xemr Measuring range for X-coordinate at the end of the measuring range for Z-coordinate, mm.
L1,L2,L5,L6 Cable length, m.
R Robot-cable (option).
PS Tablet (option).
PB Protection unit (option).
Shutter Controlled shutter.
Built-in air cooling system.
Built-in water cooling system.
NOTE: Default options: window blower, replaceable windows, shield, mounting bracket.

Example RF627Smart-Weld.BLUE-90/250-65/180-3-3-3-10–PS-PB - Scanner with a blue laser, SMR - 90 mm, MR - 250 mm, Xsmr - 65 mm, Xemr - 180 mm, cable L1 = 3 m, cable L2 = 3 m, cable L5 = 3 m, cable L6 = 10 m, tablet, protection unit.

Product codes:
Name Code
Tablet P627A01
Network switch P627B01
Protection unit P627C01
Cable #1 EL04
Cable #2 P627A02
Cable #5 (for kit with protection unit) E627E09
Cable #5 (for kit without protection unit) E627E17
Cable #6 E627E18
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