Multichannel Displacement Measurement System

The system is designed for multi-coordinate monitoring and measurement of displacements (deformations) of complex structures (bridges, power machines, etc.).

Multichannel Displacement Measurement System RF305 Series

Name of parameter Value
Operating ambient temperature, °С -10...+40
Relative humidity, % 30...100
Coverage distance of the wireless communication channel of the central
computer, m
Maximum number of subsystems, with which the central computer can operate
Battery life (RS485 connection), not less, h 10
Battery life (WiFi connection), not less, h 10
Enclosure rating IP65
Measurement range, mm 20
Frequency, not less, Hz 10
Measurement error, μm 2
Discreteness of the sensor readings, μm 0.5

The system contains:

  • Central computer;
  • Two subsystems (each contains a subsystem computer and 10 absolute linear encoders);
  • Software for collecting, processing, visualizing and logging of data;
  • Autonomous power supplies (included into the central computer system and subsystems);
  • RS485-Wi-Fi converters, wires and connectors.

The central computer of the system is designed to receive data from subsystems remotely and to control subsystems via the wireless communication channel (radio channel 900 MHz), as well as to process these data.

The subsystem computer is designed to control, receive and process data from absolute linear encoders, and then to transmit them to the central computer via the radio channel.

Absolute linear encoders RF251T series are used as linear displacement sensors.

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