Pipe Inner Diameter Measurement Machine

The machine is designed for contactless scanning and geometrical parameters measurement of inner diameter of pipes, bushes, holes, tubes, and so on.

Application of the machine: large-scale production.

Pipe Inner Diameter Measurement Machine

Name of parameter Value
Measured diameters, mm 32...42
ID measurement accuracy, um ± 5
Depth of measured hole, mm ≤ 80
Linear translation accuracy, um ±20
Quantity of measured sections not limited, programmable
Measurement cycle for four sections, s 13
Interface to PC Ethernet
Power supply 220V of alternating-current
Dimensions, mm 680x150x120

Operation of the machine is based on the principle of laser scanning of rotating pipe inner surface by triangulation laser point sensor.
Structure of the machine is shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1

  1. measurement module,
  2. controller with the power supply,
  3. foot switch,
  4. personal computer with a service program.

The measurement module structural design is illustrated in Figure 2.


Figure 2

The measurement module includes a base, on which the rotation mechanism and the linear movement mechanism are installed. The housing of the measurement module is equipped with a signal tower (not shown).

The rotation mechanism includes a stepper motor (1), encoder (2), shaft (3) with a V-block (4). The transmission of rotation from the stepper motor (1) to the shaft (3) is carried out by means of a belt drive (5). The V-block (4) is intended to install the controlled pipe (6) and has two plate springs (7), which intended for holding the pipe on the V-block, and a calibration ring (8). The pipe must be pressed to the thrust plate (14). The linear movement mechanism includes guide rails (9), carriage (10), stepper motor (11), end switch (12). The carriage (10) is moved by a ball screw, and carries a laser triangulation sensor (13).

The machine operates as follows.

The controlled pipe (6) is installed into the V-block (4). At the command from the operator, a laser sensor (13) moves into the control zone of the calibration ring (8), and the V-block (4) is driven to rotate. During rotation, a laser sensor measures the distance to the surface of the ring in synchronization with the angle of rotation determined by the encoder (2). Upon completion of one turn of the pipe, a laser sensor moves to the next control position, and the measurement process is repeated. The number of diameter control sections along the pipe is defined by the software.

Radial coordinates of the calibration ring surface and controlled pipe are transmitted to the computer for calculating the required geometric parameters.

Pipe Inner Diameter Measurement Machine

Order information for Pipe Inner Diameter Measurement Machine


Symbol Description
Dmin/Dmax ID measurement range, mm
L Hole depth, mm
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