Thickness Measurement System

The system refers to non-contact laser thickness measurement equipment and is intended for precise measuring of thickness of sheet materials such as tapes, boards, plates, and so on. It is a stand-alone software and hardware system that contains laser sensors and an indication device.

System parameters can be changed for a specific task.

Thickness Measurement System. Specification

Name of parameter Value
Thickness measurement range, mm by request
Thickness measurement accuracy, mm ±0,1% of the laser sensors measurement range or
according to specification for encoders
Input interface, sensors connection RS485
Output interface, result transfer Ethernet
Measurement speed, measurements/second < 9400
Power supply, V 220 (±10 %) for AC network with frequency of 50 (±1) Hz
Power consumption, W 10
Operating conditions:
  Ambient temperature, °С +1...+35
Relative humidity, % 65 (at 25°С)

Note: System parameters can be changed for a specific task.

The system can support an unlimited number of thickness control points. Each control point is one sensor mounted according to Scheme #1 (Figure 1, left) or two sensors mounted according to Scheme #2 (Figure 1, right).

According to Scheme #1 (one sensor for one point), the material thickness is a difference between the distance from the base surface on which the material is located, and the distance to the upper surface of the material measured by a sensor. The sensor position is calibrated relative to the base surface.

According to Scheme #2 (two sensors for one point), the material thickness is a difference of distances to the material surfaces measured by each of the sensors. The position of sensors is calibrated relative to each other.

Thickness Measurement System Structure

Figure 1. Scheme #1 with one sensor (left) and Scheme #2 with two sensors (right)

Order information for Thickness Measurement System


Symbol Description
N Number of control points
N1 Number of sensors in each control point (1 or 2)
SERIAL Type of the sensor serial interface: RS485 - 485 or Ethernet - ET
N3 Number of logic outputs
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