Width Measurement System

The system is intended for non-contact measuring of width of sheet materials such as tapes, boards, plates, and so on. It is a stand-alone software and hardware system that contains optical micrometers and the indication device.

System parameters can be changed for a specific task.

Width Measurement System. Specification

Name of parameter Value
Width measurement range, mm by request
Width measurement accuracy, μm up to ±1 μm, depending on the accuracy of the
micrometer used in the system
Input interface, sensors connection RS485
Output interface, result transfer Ethernet
Logical output (OK/NOK) Open collector
Encoder input TTL TTL
Software update, data transfer USB
Measurement speed, measurements/second up to 10 000
Power supply, V 220 (±10 %) for AC network with frequency of 50 (±1) Hz
Power consumption, W 10
Operating conditions:
Ambient temperature, °С +1...+35
Relative humidity, % 65 (at 25°С)

Note: System parameters can be changed for a specific task.

The measurement method is based on the use of Optical Micrometers (Micrometer), which measure the position of edges of sheet material.

Depending on the width of the object, two versions of the system are possible: the system with one micrometer (the working range of the micrometer is greater than the width of the object), Scheme #1, and the system with two micrometers (the width of the object is greater than the working range of the micrometer), Scheme #2.

Принцип работы

Figure 1. Scheme #1 with one micrometer (left) and Scheme #2 with two micrometers (right)

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