Working principle

Systems are intended for contactless measuring of inner diameter and profiles of gun barrels, cylindrical and taper pipes, progressive cavity stators, turbodrills and so on. We offer systems on the base of 2 working principles:
  • ID measurement by multisensor laser heads — RF040 Series,
  • Inner surface laser scanning by rotating laser sensors — RF096 Series.

Operational principle is described in Inner Diameter Measurement Presentation.

The system for measurement of ID and OD high temperature pipes

Laser measurement (by rotating triangulation sensors) of ID and OD of large diameter pipes

RF096 module for ID measurement of curved tubes

Laser systems for extruder barrels inspection

F096-105/130-CS-Wi-Fi system for tubes ID measurement

Measurement if ID, ovality, roundness, concentricity, cylindricity, coaxiality RF096 modules

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