Disk Brakes Profile Gauge

PDA based handheld instruments are employed for laser scanning and measurement of brake disks wear parameters.

The devices are supplied with database and software package for disk wear data storage and processing.

Disk Brakes Profile Gauge IKD 2018 Series. Specification

Name of parameter Value
Measurement range, mm 30
Profile measurement range, mm 150
Measurement error ±0.03
Discreteness of indication, mm 0.01
Discreteness of the profile formation, not less, mm 0.1
Digital readout device dimensions (PDA), mm 112,5×95,5×22,7
Dimensions of laser scanning module, mm 320×167×102
Power supply, laser module 3.7
Li-ion rechargeable battery
6800 mAh
Power supply, PDA 3.7
Li-polymer battery
3300 mAh
Number of measurements that can be taken before battery recharge, not less 1000
PDA memory capacity, no less 100 000 measurements
Interface between laser module and PDA Bluetooth
Operating temperature, °С -15...+35
Enclosure rating IP42

Disk Brakes Profile Gauge IKD 2018 Series. Complect set

Designation Name Quantity Weight kg
RF303М Digital readout device (PDA) 1 0,3
RF506 Laser scanning module 1 3
RF506.51.008 Removable bracket 1 1,2
RF506.40 Charging device 5V 1A for PDA 1 0,2
RF506.41 Charging device 5V 1A for laser module 1 0,2
RF506.42 Data cable 1
RF506.43 Bluetooth/USB — adapter 1
RF506.30 Packing case 1 1,2
IKD_DB Database management system (CD) 1
RF506UM User’s manual 1
Calibration tools (option):
RF506.51.000 Calibration block for disk brakes installed on the wheel 5,4
RF506.41.000-01 Calibration block for disk brakes installed on the wheelset axle 5,7
RF506Calibr Calibration software

The profilometer comes in the special case that protects the device against any possible damage.

Operator mounts the laser scanning module onto the disk to be measured. Having received a command from PDA or PC, the laser module performs non-contact scanning of the disk surface.

Measurement results (geometric parameters and profile of the surface) are displayed on PDA, can be saved in the PDA memory, and transferred to the PC database. Simultaneously, additional parameters can be saved: operator number, side identifier (left or right wheel), axis number, locomotive (carriage) number, etc.

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