Multisensor Inner Diameter Measurement Systems

The system is designed for non-contact measuring of inner diameter of cylindrical and taper pipes, gun barrels. The system is used on the production line as the quality control tool.

Operation of the system is based on the hole surface coordinates measurement by point laser triangulation sensors.

The system contains 3-6 point laser triangulation sensors located circumferentially in one housing at known fixed angles (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. The system with six laser sensors

Figure 1. The system with six laser sensors

The system operates as follows.

The measurement system is inserted into the pipe and moved by translation module to the definite position. Laser sensors measure distances to the inner surface. Software calculates inner diameter of the pipe.

Многоточечная лазерная система для контроля внутренних диаметров стволов орудий

Order information for Multisensor Inner Diameter Measurement System


Symbol Description
Dmin Minimum measurement diameter, mm
Dmax Maximum measurement diameter, mm
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi - interface, battery powered

Example: RF040-100/150-Wi-Fi – Multisensor Inner Diameter Measurement System RF040, measurement range - 100...150 mm, battery powered, Wi-Fi - interface.

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