Handheld Inner Diameter Measuring Gauge

The device is designed for non-contact scanning and measuring the inner diameter of pipes. Measured parameters: inner diameter, ovality, roundness.

Handheld Inner Diameter Measuring Gauge

Parameter Value
Diameter measurement range, mm 100...250
Diameter measurement error, mm ±0.05
Discreteness of indication, mm 0.01
Space resolution, points/turnover
Measurement depth from the pipe end, mm 87
Measurement time, not greater, s 2
Measured parameters diameter (min., max., average), ovality, roundness
Dimensions see Figure 1
Power supply, V 3.7 V, Li-ion battery, 6400 mAh
Number of measurements that can be taken before recharging the battery, not less
Operating ambient temperature, °С -10...+50
Enclosure rating IP42
Laser sensor output power, mW 1
Laser safety class 2 (IEC60825-1)    
Weight, kg 1.2
Note: Gauge parameters can be changed for a specific task.

Figure 1

The operation of the gauge is based on the principle of laser scanning of the inner surface of the pipe by a rotating laser head. To achieve the required accuracy, the range of controlled diameters is divided into two sub-ranges controlled by independent laser triangulation sensors installed in a rotating head. The gauge also contains removable supports (two sets) designed to install the gauge on the end of pipes of different diameters. The rotation of the laser head is carried out by a built-in motor. The gauge is equipped with a display to show the results.

The gauge operates as follows: the operator inserts the head into the pipe and places the supports of the gauge at the pipe end. After pressing the Measurement button, the laser head begins rotating, the laser sensor scans the inner surface of the pipe, and the built-in controller receives the polar coordinates of the surface (the distance from the axis of rotation measured by the laser sensor and the corresponding rotation angle measured by the encoder). The controller calculates the required parameters (minimum, maximum and average diameters, roundness), displays them and shows the result OK / NOK in accordance with the specified tolerances. Measurement data can be accumulated in the gauge memory and transferred to the database on the PC.

Handheld Inner Diameter Measuring Gauge, RF096-HH

Example of designation when ordering


Symbol Description
Dmin/Dmax Diameter measurement range, mm
L Measurement depth from the pipe end, mm
HH Handheld gauge.

Exampe: RF096-100/250-87-HH.

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