RF600 laser triangulation sensor series

Now the series includes 13 sensors with the measurement range from 10 to 2500 mm and the base distance from 230 to 1000 mm. 

The Series is divided into 3 groups. The first group includes the sensors with large bases and short measurement ranges, second group includes sensors with medium bases and ranges and the third group is the sensors with long ranges.

There are two options of laser mounted in the sensor, RED or BLUE laser. The use of blue lasers instead of conventional red lasers greatly enhances capabilities of the sensors, in particular, for such uses as control of high-temperature objects and organic materials.


Universal one-type housing, high accuracy and response speed, a variety of interfaces, and a blue laser option are the main features of the RF600 Series triangulation sensors which make them ideal for use in various industries.

For further information please see the instruction manual.

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