RIFTEK products at exhibitions in spring 2015

We are pleased to announce that in the nearest future our products will be showcased at the three international expos:

17-19 March 2015 –  Rail-Tech’15  – Railway Exhibition in the Netherlands (our products will be presented by Altheris, Booth D133)

1-3 April 2015 –  Electronics manufacturing KOREA 2015  – This event showcases products like Digital consumer electronics, Mobile phone and individuals intelligent devices, Semiconductor components, Photoelectric components and materials, SMT equipments, Manufacturing software, Communications &0 multimedia services, Technology services, Factory production equipments, Materials and manufacturing equipments etc. (our products will be presented by Prosen, Hall C, Booth A112)

12-14 May 2015  –  Railtex’15 http://www.railtex.co.uk  –  Railway Exhibition in England (our products will be presented by Ixthus Instrumentation Limited, Booth V55)

Visit the Expos to get acquainted with our products!

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