NEW! Optical Edge Sensor

The sensor are intended for non-contact measuring and monitoring the position of the edge (edges) of various objects, such as tapes, plates, substrates, etc.
The sensor operates on the base of the so-called ‘shadow’ principle and consists of controller and two measuring heads each of which includes two modules – transmitter and receiver.

Main features:

  • High accuracy (better than ±20 um) and speed (1500 Hz result update),
  • 1 um repeatability,
  • Easy Setup,
  • Automatic control of optical channel contamination,
  • Programmable mode of "Technological elements ignoring",
  • Very compact size of Optical heads (8x20x50mm) and Controller (25x50x100 mm).

To find out more, please, visit Edge Sensor RF659 page on our website.

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