High Accuracy Triangulation Laser Sensors with Large Base

Our company is expanding the line of triangulation laser sensors and today we are introducing a new device:

High Accuracy Triangulation Laser Sensors with Large Base, RF6001 model.

New Triangulation laser sensors are intended for use in conditions when it is necessary to make high precision measurement of objects placed at large distance from the sensor (the reason - restricted space or high surround temperature, for example).

To solve the task we had to use special large aperture long focus lens and as a result to place all the sensor construction into fairly large housing. You can compare sizes RF6001 and RF600 sensors shown on the photo.


The main features of the RF6001 sensor are:

Parameter Value
base distances 535 mm and 540 mm
measured ranges 50 and 20 mm
decreased round laser spot size less than 0.7 mm diameter
blue laser Class 2
accuracy ±0.05% of the range
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