NEW! Laminated Tubes Geometry Measurement System



The machine is designed for contactless scanning and geometrical parameters measurement of laminated tubes, made of PBL and ABL foil. Application of the machine: large-scale production.

Operation of the machine is based on the principle of laser scanning of tube surfaces by rotating triangulation laser point sensors.

The machine operates as follows. The tube is placed in measurement position under laser sensors. The linear translation system lets down laser sensors. During the translation one sensor determines the tube edge position as a start of tube length measurement. After registration of tube upper edge the system translates sensors into position of tube shape control. During rotation sensors measure distances to tube inner and outer surfaces. The data are transmitted to PC where foil thickness, weld parameters and tube shape are calculated. After completing a full revolution the system lets down laser sensors and it measures tube length. Sensors are raised to upper position and measurement cycle repeats for the next tube.

Main features:
• Measured ID range 13…50 mm
• Measurement accuracy ±10 um
• Foil thickness range 0,05…0,5 mm
• Thickness measurement accuracy ±5 um

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