New Models of 2D Laser Scanners

We continue to expand the line of 2D laser scanners. 

And today we are introducing two new models of 2D laser scanners::

  • РФ625-1050/165-85/100   
  • РФ625-17/6-7/8.

The first new model RF625-1050/165-85/100 has a sufficiently large base and a small range. It is intended for use in conditions when it is necessary to make a high precision measurement of objects placed at a large distance from the sensor (it may be caused by restricted space or high surround temperature). The scanner is equipped with air cooling system and air knives for window protection by default.

Scanner size: 598x54x216 mm, weight: 3 600 g.

The second model RF625-17/6-7/8 is intended for a high precision measurement with micron accuracy (it is twice better than for standard ones, namely 0.05% of the Z range).

Scanner size: 122x52x104 mm, weight: 590 g.

Both scanners can be equipped with RED (660 nm) or BLUE (450 nm or 405 nm) lasers.

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