Upgraded Disk Brake Profile Gauge IKD Series

Today we are introducing the improved models of Laser Brake Disk Profiles gauges:

Disk Brake Profile Gauge, Type 1 & Type 2 (Model 2017).

While developing new models, we have tried to resolve current problems to enhance the device reliability and ease of use, taking into account all wishes and recommendations of our Customers and Partners, especially from Australia and Czech Republic.

Below you will find details for the upgrade that was provided:

1) The previous two side device design was abandoned because of the extreme inconvenience in use;

2) Now we offer two types of the Gauge: Type 1 for Disk Brake, installed on the wheel and Type 2 for Disk Brake, installed on the wheel axles;

3) We have significantly improved software for PDA & PC, making it functionally similar to the software for Laser Wheel Profilometer IKP-5 Series.

See the Disc Brake Profile Gauge IKD Series (Model 2017) Manual.

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