Pipe ID Control System

The System development is based on the order of our Italy partner for Ralc Italia Srl company.

These projects continue our work in solving widespread ID measurement challenges.

Operation of the system is based on the scanning of the tube inner surface by rotating point triangulation laser sensor. A measured tube must be installed coaxially with laser sensor. On the command of outer controller laser sensor moves into the control bore. The sensor is driven into rotation and scans the inner surface of tube, transmits polar coordinates of the surface (distance from the rotation axis, measured by the sensor and a corresponding angle of rotation) to the in-built computer for calculating the required geometric parameters.

Main parameters:

Parameter Value
Measured ID range, mm 35...55
Measurement accuracy, mm
Pipe depth measurement range, mm 100
Working mode

Note: system parameters can be changed for the specific task.

Distinctive feature of the system is PROFINET interface intended for working in industrial systems (PLC) we use first time in our equipment.

Detailed Manual is available here.

Demo video is available here.

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