RF627Smart laser scanner

We have completed the first stage of our large project and begin production of the Smart version of the scanner (RF627Smart), which makes it possible to measure geometric parameters of the object profile in real time directly in the scanner without connecting to a computer.


We aimed to offer a friendly, intuitive and simple tool and now analysis, calculations, measurements, tolerance control can be carried out according to the algorithm (Smart-function), created easily and quickly by the user.

Distinctive features of our solution:
  • creating a Smart-function directly in Scanner WEB-interface;
  • to build a Smart-function a simple and intuitive tool is provided - a computation graph. The graph is formed from a library of ready-made blocks;
  • various combinations of blocks and connections between them allow the user to create an almost unlimited number of measuring functions inside one graph, as a result, to process profiles of any complexity;
  • practically any quantity of measurement results can be transmitted via various protocols (UDP, Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP);
  • tolerance control functions can activate logic outputs of the scanner in order to control the actuators and notify about product suitability.

All the information, updated manual including you can find on this page.

There is a link to demo-video here.

Video tutorials will be available soon.

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