Triangulation laser sensor with Wi-Fi for ID measurement tasks

This project continues our work in solving widespread ID measurement challenges.

The main goal of the project was to develop a measuring tool for CNC machines. The tool must accurately and quickly measure inner diameter, ovality and roundness of holes on automated manufacturing. To achieve this goal, we equipped the standard RF609 Series sensor with Wi-Fi module, battery power and a shank. In addition, an important feature of new device is the rejection of direct synchronization of the laser sensor its rotation angle without loss of measurement accuracy.

Main parameters are:
Parameter Value
ID measurement range, mm 9 … 19
Measurement accuracy, mm
Measurement depth, mm
Measurement rate, points/s
As usual, sensor parameters can be changed on request (minimum measurable diameter = 9 mm).

Detailed Manual is available here.
Demo video is available here.

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