2D Optical micrometer

We are starting serial production of a new measuring device, 2D Optical micrometer. The device is designed for non-contact inline two-dimensional batch measurements of linear dimensions, diameters, angles, thread parameters, part shapes, run-out, etc.


The operation of the micrometer is based on the so-called "shadow" principle. The main components of the 2D micrometer are an optical sensor, a controller and measurement program. The optical sensor of the micrometer consists of two parts - the emitter and the receiver. The light from the LED is collimated by the telecentric lens. When a product is placed in the region of a collimated beam, its shadow image is projected by the receiver telecentric lens onto the 2D CMOS sensor. According to the location of the shadow border of the image (object profile), the controller calculates the required parameters of the object.

Distinctive features of our solution: measurements and tolerance control are made according to the algorithm created by the user. To build the measurement algorithm, a simple and visual tool is proposed - the measurement scheme. The scheme is formed from a library of ready-made blocks. Various combinations of blocks and connections between them allow the user to create an almost unlimited number of measuring functions and measure products of varying complexity. Measurement results can be transmitted via various protocols (Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, UDP), as well as to the logical outputs of the micrometer for controlling actuators and signaling the suitability of the product.

All the information, manual including you can find on this page: https://riftek.com/products/2D_optical_micrometers/

There is a link to demo-video here.

Example of the formation of the measurement algorithm, video here.

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