3DGipsumB. The system for gypsum boards dimensional measurement

Our new finished project continues RIFTEK’s work in solving different measurement challenges and is intended for non-contact measurement of gypsum boards during their production.


3DGipsumB system contains 3 measurement stations, sequentially located along the conveyor and measures all critical geometrical parameters of gypsum boards: board width; full edge profiles, edge angles including; taper profiles, taper width and height including; grooves and shoulders, thickness profile across the board.

This turn-key solution includes the set of specialized 2D laser scanners, RF627 family, RF603 point triangulation sensors, all required frames for measurement stations installation, calibration tool, two industry PC consoles (main and additional) and appropriate software.

Measurement results are displayed in digital and graphical form with constant monitoring of boards parameters exceeding the established tolerances.

Technical specification:

Parameter Value
Board thickness, mm 1…45
Board width, mm 400…1500
Thickness measurement accuracy, mm ±0.1
Thickness measurement rate, Hz 9000
Width measurement accuracy, mm ±1
Profile parameters measurement accuracy, mm ±0.1
Profile measurement rate, Hz 1000
Interface Ethernet

As usual, the parameters of the system can be changed for a specific task.

Detailed Manual is available here.

Demo video here.

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