3D Laser Scanning System for Hammered Axles shape control

Correct surfaces shape is a guarantee of the quality and reliability of the axles. Since the axis has a rather complex shape of inner and outer surfaces and the inner surface is hard to reach, manufacturers are forced to use very expensive destructive control method.

To solve this problem, we proposed a laser scanning system, based on rotating laser sensors. The system contains two triangulation point sensors, placed at the end of long rods with possibility of linear translation and rotation around of axis of inner surface sensor.

3D Laser Scanning System for Hammered Axles shape control

The distinguishing features of the system are:

  • TWIN inner surface sensor (one laser beam – two laser sensors with adjoining ranges) inside very small case (15 mm diameter). Such a solution makes it possible to achieve twice the accuracy compared to standard sensors.
  • Long rods, that carry the sensors, are made of reinforced carbon, which guarantees temperature stability and vibration resistance.

The program controls the system calibration and scanning process, creates 3D models of both surfaces in real time, compares the resulting model with the ideal one, allows measurements of geometrical parameters at any cross-section of the axle.

Technical specification:

Parameter Value
ID measurement range, mm 20…143
ID measurement accuracy, mm ±0.05
OD measurement range, mm 63…180
OD measurement accuracy, mm ±0.1
Scan depth range, mm 500

The system can be used also for measurement of various pipes, hollow shafts and similar product. The system specification can be changed on request.

Detailed Manual is available here.

Demo video here.

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