Laser System for Inline Sheet Materials Thickness Measurement

Our new system is designed for thickness control of various sheet materials (metals, plastics, wood).

Laser System for Inline Sheet Materials Thickness Measurement

We implemented a classic measurement scheme based on two triangulation sensors, placed on C-frame on opposite sides of the controlled sheet. The C-frame itself is installed on a linear translation stage with the ability to move across the sheet. A significant advantage of this type of system is low sensitivity to temperature fluctuations due to auto-calibration using a template of known thickness installed in the extreme position of the sensors.

The characteristic features of our system are:

  • use of RF603HS high-speed laser sensors, which makes it possible to achieve high accuracy by averaging a large volume of measurements. In addition, the sensors are strictly synchronized and this eliminates the influence of sheet vibrations on the measurement accuracy;
  • highly stable and durable C-frame made of reinforced carbon fiber.
The system also includes a control cabinet based on a panel industrial computer and the appropriate software with a lot of different functions.

Detailed Manual is available here.

Demo video here.

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